The Bahá'í Faith

Basic Facts 8/9

Principles and Teachings

Basic Principles of the Bahá'í Faith

  • The oneness of the world of humanity
  • The foundation of all religion is one
  • Religion must be the cause of unity
  • Religion must be in accord with science and reason
  • Independent investigation of truth
  • Equality between men and women
  • The abolition of all forms of prejudice
  • Universal peace
  • Universal education
  • A universal auxiliary language
  • Spiritual solution of economic problems
  • An international tribunal

Some Other Teachings

  • We are created as noble and spiritual beings
  • The family is the foundation of human society
  • Marriage is a means for the spiritual development of
    both partners
  • Consultation is a dynamic process for finding truth and
    solving conflicts
  • Living a moral life has a direct influence on our
    spiritual happiness and development
  • The soul continues after death

'Abdu'l-Bahá was given the title "The Perfect Exemplar"
as He lived a life more perfect than any other man.
Bahá'ís aspire toward His example.

Some Laws and Obligations

  • Pray and read the Holy Writings every day
  • Observe the Bahá'í Fast from sunrise to sunset
    between March 2-21
  • Teach the Cause of God
  • Contribute to the Bahá'í Fund (only Bahá'ís may do this)
  • Observe Bahá'í Holy Days and attend the Nineteen
    Day Feast
  • Consider work as worship
  • Avoid alcoholic drinks and non-medicinal use of drugs
  • Observe chastity before marriage
  • Respect and obey the government of the land
  • Avoid backbiting and gossip