Online Chat

Here you can chat live to other Bahá'ís and those interested in the Bahá'í Faith from around the world.

A long-standing chat room for Bahá'ís and those interested in talking to them. Also available via IRC.
A chat room specifically intended for Bahá'í youth, also accessible via IRC software on

Important - Please Read Below

These chat rooms are open to everybody. You will generally meet genuine people on them but please be aware that a person may lie about their identity, or an aspect of their identity, in order to keep you talking and/or to gain your trust.

Here are some important guidelines that all people should follow when using chat rooms, regardless of age...

  • Never give out your phone number or postal address

  • Never give out any passwords, or financial information

  • Never arrange to meet a person unless you are absolutely certain of their identity

  • If you arrange to meet a person always do so in a place with plenty of people around, and preferably with a good friend at your side