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"Travel ye to the East and to the West of the World and summon the people to the Kingdom of God. Hence the mercy of God must encompass all humanity."
(from 'Abdu'l-Bahá, Tablets of the Divine Plan page 31 1977 Edition)

The following countries in Europe are regarded as Priority for Pioneering - BALTIC COUNTRIES (LATVIA, LITHUANIA, ESTONIA), CROATIA, CYPRUS, FAEROE ISLANDS, GREECE, MALTA, SLOVENIA, POLAND and PORTUGAL. The Himalayan country of BHUTAN is a top priority goal world-wide.
Please contact members of the C.I.P.T.T. for information on these and other opportunities:
Roohieh Afnan
(Tel: 0181-904-7355)
Dion Azordegan
Thelma Batchelor (Tel: 01372-375782)
Shahram Firoozmand (Tel: 01733-242946)
Barbara Winner (Tel: 01162-730181)

The UK Committee for International Pioneering and Travel Teaching sends its heartfelt thanks to all the friends who have risen to pioneer or travel teach and yet the call to the field of service is possibly even greater than before. During the remaining few months of the Four-Year Plan there is a need for yet another great effort to win those goals, which so far have eluded the effort of the friends.
It is not easy to pioneer because of the difficulties of obtaining a work permit and for this reason we need a lot of travel teachers. Maybe some of the friends would like to 'adopt a country', and keep returning to it, to travel teach. Frequently the mail brings a fresh call for pioneers or travel teachers from a National Assembly - these you will read about in the Journal and we await your call in response.
The countries in need of help are too numerous to list BUT if you feel the urge to help, then please contact us and discuss your desires, be they for pioneering or travel teaching, now or in the future. We will endeavour to allay any fears you may have and find you a suitable goal area where the Faith is in great need. You may have an opportunity to visit another country through your work or education let us know we will endeavour to arrange some activity for you.
A very useful www site for folk contemplating T/Teaching or Pioneering overseas is that of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office where you can select the country in question from a drop down list and see their advice. They also have a handy "personalisation" feature whereby you can ask them to keep you posted by e-mail re updates concerning selected countries.

With our warmest greetings
- UK Committee for International Pioneering and Travel

Below follows a list of some of the pioneering opportunities which exist for those who would like to pioneer short- or long-term. For further information or to find out about many more opportunities, please contact members of the C.I.P.T.T. (see above).

Urgent need for pioneers in this beautiful Himalayan country. Job opportunities sometimes can be found with the various international development agencies and Voluntary Services Overseas and the World Wide Fund for Nature.

Job opportunities will shortly be occurring for doctors and medical staff as 7 new hospitals are being built in remote areas of Botswana.
The following positions are being advertised for the University of Botswana:
Deputy Director, Academic Programme Review Deputy Directory, Educational Technology Deputy Directory, Teaching and Learning Director, Centre for Continuing Educuation Appointments for a minimum of 3 years; PhD preferred. In the first instance please let the CIPTT know of your interest: CIPTT

Beautiful Greek island. UK pioneer family there would love to have fellow Baha'is to support them in their pioneering work.  Please contact the CIPTT with your offers or to discuss possibilities.

Pioneers (both short-term and long-term) are urgently needed to help maintain assemblies in these two countries.  Pioneers are required who are self-motivated and self-financed and who can initiate activities and contacts by themselves.  Most youth in Croatia and Slovenia speak English.  Both Croatia and Slovenia are wonderful, beautiful, developed countries with friendly people, providing opportunities for the potential visitors/pioneers to have fun (skiing - snow and water, swimming, hiking, yachting ... depending on the season) and also of leaving a mark in the history of the Faith in this region and fulfilling this very important international goal - formation of two NSAs in Slovenia and Croatia by Ridvan 2000.  Teaching Project: European Baha'i-choir to sing the programme "Unity in Diversity" from 3-19 July 2000.  Good and enthusiastic singers welcomed + musicians who can play the violin, accordion, percussion and other instruments. Would-be participants should contact Mieke Hydra (before 11 December) De Gildekamp 42-38, 6545 LR Nijmegen, Nederland.  Tel: 0031-243731009 or e-mail Harry & Elly or Gerard or J Law

Promotion of Teaching Work in Southern Cyprus. Pioneers urgently required on this lovely Mediterranean island, particularly in Nicosia, Strovolos and Limassol. Pioneers would have to be self-supporting financially. Are there any Greek-speaking youth who could register at a local college and study in Cyprus and of course make friends with the local youth? Professional Baha'i artists (adults and youth - art and drama groups) are needed to help teach the Cause in Cyprus through participating in non Baha'i cultural events. Travel Teachers are specifically encouraged who can create teaching initiatives and remain self sustaining and who do not require accommodation or transport from the Bah' community in Cyprus.  If you are professionally qualified you can arrange to talk about your work at a university or at a professional institution/hospital/work place etc. Pioneers: Opportunities exist to get jobs such as certified Teachers and other qualified professionals, even an organist; this will be through the British bases at Episkopi, Akrotiri and Dhekelia but you must do this for yourselves.  If you are at all moved to serve the Faith in Cyprus then for those who are retired people, with independent incomes, please let the CIPTT know that you are considering spending a year or two or more in Cyprus. For those who are working please send CV to the CIPTT who are endeavouring to get job vacancy notices e-mailed from Cyprus so that we can match jobs to offers.  NOTE: Please take no direct action without contacting the UK Committee for International Pioneering and Travel Teaching first

Faeroe Islands Need pioneers and travel teachers to help maintain the two existing assemblies of Thorshavn and Toftir.  In addition there are plans to form two new Assemblies at Runavik and Klaksvik.

There is a need for pioneers to move to Fiji and to settle in the numerous small towns scattered around the country.  Pioneers are required to be self-supporting, as jobs are generally not available in these areas.  A peaceful semi-rural life is available in these small towns.  Retired persons with experience of living in foreign cultures and who still have reasonably good health are the type of people that may best fill this need.

The number of Baha'is in Greece currently totals no more than two hundred. For this reason the NSA of Greece are specifically encouraging Bah's who are able to create teaching initiatives and remain self-sustaining. We are looking for travel teachers to visit Greece and to capitalise on the work which has already been done. If you are able and willing to make a visit to Greece before the end of the Four Year Plan then please contact the CIPTT and we will work out a suitable programme for you.  Pioneers are always wanted. Age is no barrier for either pioneers or travel teachers. Latvia Pioneers needed urgently to assist development of Baha'i Faith in this country.

The Continental Board of Counsellors has appealed for help for the Mediterranean Island of Malta. The Universal House of Justice, in their Ridvn 153 Message to Europe said, "contemplate the significance of teaching the Faith in the islands of the Mediterranean" and mentions this as one of the challenges which face us in the years ahead. At the present time English-speaking travelling teachers from Ireland and the United Kingdom, particularly those from a Catholic background would be of great assistance to the friends in Malta. It would be especially advantageous for travel teachers to have peace-making skills and the ability to respect the culture of the Maltese people. With this in mind, we are seeking suitable travel teachers for this important task. Ideally, it would be wonderful if the person or persons could stay for a period of 3 months, but shorter visits would also be very welcome.

Pioneers and travel-teachers wanted in Mongolia.

Need for the following pioneers A. Short Term: 3 months to 2 years 1 - for teaching minorities (gypsies and Africans) 3 - for helping with classes with women, youth and children. 2 - for the AZORES B. Long Term Pioneers (over 2 years) Six are required to develop and strengthen local communities. C. Travel teachers with specific skills in areas of community development, external affairs, publishing and TV scripts to be able to give specific training in these areas, either through the Institutes or LSAs.

The National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahai's of Slovakia invites willing servants of the Cause to participate in the raising of a Local Spiritual Assembly in its historic first goal city of Presov. Inspired by the example of success through intensive teaching in other countries of this region, and eager to apply such a method to a promising area in Slovakia, the National Assembly is now organising a teaching team. This team, of native Slovak believers and Baha'is from abroad will, in close consultation with the NSA, execute and adapt a special teaching plan. This plan focuses on finding a way to welcome new believers into the Faith through individual teaching. The teaching team will function for many months, but those willing to serve for any period of service are most welcome to apply. Participants will take part in an intensive ongoing training program designed to assist them spiritually and practically.
Youth (and others) who are investigating Year of Service possibilities may find this challenge especially intriguing. Some housing will be provided by the NSA. Other basic living expenses come to less than USD 150 per person per month, and if necessary these expenses can be subsidised by the NSA.  Presov is a university town of approximately 100,000 located close to Poland. It has an especially close relationship with the many surrounding villages. Slovenia In great need of pioneers and travel-teachers (please see heading under Croatia)

South Africa
The South African Baha'i Community requires travel teachers for any period of time between two weeks to a few months to assist in achieving the goals of the Four Year Plan. These are exciting and demanding times in the "Rainbow Nation" and many opportunities exist that require those dedicated souls with the means and will to grab them and turn them into "substantial victories" as recently indicated by our beloved Universal House of Justice in a message to the South African community.

The National Spiritual Assembly of Taiwan is seeking a pioneer or pioneer family to fulfil a homefront pioneering goal. Taiwan is a prosperous island state of over 22 million people who are predominantly ethnic Chinese. There are also nine aboriginal tribes. It is situated about 100 miles east of mainland China. The land area is 13,843 square miles, making it densely populated. It is also industrialised, with all the expected infrastructure: paved roads, bridges, public transportation, as well as excellent schools and universities. The national language is Mandarin Chinese, along with several dialects. English is taught island-wide, but is not widely spoken. The goal area is Miaoli, a fertile agricultural district in north central Taiwan. The area was settled by an ethnic group from China  called the Hakka hundreds of years ago. The Hakka dialect is still spoken there. Demand is high all over the island for teachers of English as a Foreign Language, especially native speakers. This includes Miaoli. There is a possibility of a teaching position at a kinder-garten owned by Baha'is. Assistance will be provided to locate a language school to study Chinese, if so desired. Cost of living in Miaoli for basic living costs (food, shelter, clothing) has been estimated at US$150-300 for a single person; US$470-780 for a family. The NSA of Taiwan will provide a stipend of US$560 per month for the first six months to the chosen pioneer or pioneer family.

Uzbekistan community is in a great need of pioneers and travel teachers. Pioneers - consolidation (particularly children classes) min for 1 year. Travel teachers - at least for 3 months (Please consult CIPTT even if you can only do a short time). For the friends who want to pioneer please be in touch with the NSA of Uzbekistan for arranging a visa and a job. Please take into consideration that living cost here is $100 a month per person and average salary is $20 a month so friends must be ready for that. Doctors, English language teachers, musical teachers have got more opportunities for jobs. In some cities many people can speak Tajik which is very close to the Persian language. There appear to be no passport restrictions. Entry requirements for student visa - passport, letter of administration. Tourist visa can be obtained through a tourist company. Cost 70 US$, period 4 week. Renewable: yes. Baha'i opportunities - women's and youth Activities, dance workshop etc.

Virgin Islands
Pioneers required particularly if familiar with training institute programmes. Tourism is the major industry. Possibility of teaching jobs on some of the islands.

There are many opportunities for Baha'i pioneers to teach or assist in various ways in an ever increasing number of Baha'i established schools around the world.  Some of these are listed here.  For more information please contact Mrs Roohieh Afnan (Tel: 0181-904-7355)

Nur University in Bolivia:
The University was founded some fifteen years ago in the semi-tropical region of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. In those fifteen years, the University has grown steadily both in student population and reputation. As well as being the first university in the country to have a postgraduate college, it now has offices in the major cities in the country.

Volunteers required at the Maxwell School on the shores of Shawnigan Lake in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Volunteers must be 19 years of age or older, able to speak and understand directions in English and have a real "spirit of service", i.e. "do anything for Baha'u'llah". There is often a need for short or long term help in the Maintenance Department including painters and carpenters. Email Marian C. Johnson, Co-ordinator

Czech Republic
The Townshend International School is a co-educational, residential and daily attendance secondary school established and run on principles inspired by the Baha'i Faith. The school is situated in the Czech Republic and accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education as a six-year Gymnasium (Grammar School). All subjects are taught in English. It draws its students from the five continents. The school also runs a small Primary school for locally resident international students. The school generally needs people with teaching experience and qualifications, a fluent knowledge of English, a comprehensive understanding of content, resilience, resourcefulness and initiative, good communication and organisational skills and a commitment to the Baha'i and school ethos. Enquiries and applications to: The Principal, Townshend International School, PO Box 99, Hluboka n Vlt. 373 41 Czech Republic. Tel: 00 420 38 965 552 Fax: 00 420 38 965 695 or E-Mail Keith Sabri

The Escuela e Instituto Bilingue "El Alba" ("The Dawn" Bilingual Primary and Secondary School) in Siguatepeque, Honduras, was established in 1976 and is located in the small-to-middle-sized community of Siguatepeque, in the central highlands of Honduras, an area of mountains and pine trees - and much Baha'i activity both in the town and in outlying villages. Siguatepeque has an active Local Spiritual Assembly and its own Baha'i Centre and is a hub of teaching activity for the central area of Honduras. The school is a K-12, founded and owned by Baha'i pioneers, with a standard curriculum in accord with criteria of the Honduran Ministry of Education and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. General Requirements: flexible and willing to work within a Latin American culture; creative and innovative (willing to use co-operative "hands-on" and other child-centred teaching techniques). Benefits: competitive salary, paid airfare, free housing (private apartment), substantial tuition discounts for teacher's children, other benefits.  Instruction is in English. It is not necessary for the teacher to speak Spanish (though most English speaking teachers pick up Spanish at an astounding rate).

The "School of the Nations" seeks teachers for kindergarten, primary and secondary. The school needs new teachers every year to increase the total staff due to the growth of the school as well as to replace teachers who leave. The school was established in 1987 and now has a staff of over 45.

Pioneer volunteers needed to serve at Ruaha Secondary School, the first Baha'i school in Africa. Accounts/Computers: An individual with qualifications/experience to co-ordinate the Computer Programme and assist with Accounts. English/ oral Education Teacher: A teacher with B.A. degree and preferably teaching experience and certification to teach English and Moral Education to assist with the development of moral education curriculum. Prefer self-supporting applicants but we a modest allowance and fare can be provided if needed. This is a great opportunity for service at the school and in the Baha'i community. The local community of Malampaka village in the Shinyanga Region in Tanzania have up and running a pre school project, a tree planting project and Women and Youth activities which are helping to proclaim the Faith. They are seeking pioneers who are interested in supporting their projects on teaching in villages and small towns, deepening Baha'is, especially new believers, conduct seminars on Pre-school Education, Family Life education, Environment, Primary Health Care, Women's Activities. Teaching pre-school children, and helping with tree planting. Those interested should be self-supporting and apply by Email to: Error! Bookmark not defined..

Banani International Secondary School is seeking applications from qualified teachers of literature, history, the sciences, art and music. Also the school is looking for a "dorm mother" with additional qualifications such as nursing or secretarial skills. Banani School is a Baha'i owned secondary school for girls using the Cambridge International Curriculum. It is set in the lovely rural district of Chisamba, Zambia, just one hour north of the capital city. It is a wonderful place for individuals or families to pioneer. For more information refer to The Baha'i World, Volume 1996-97, pages 221-226 and 297-300. For opportunities at the Banani School, please contact CIPTT

Four Year Plan Pioneer & Travel Teaching Opportunities in the Pacific
There are many opportunities for service in the Pacific region.  For pioneering details: e-mail the relevant pioneering committee

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