A Page of Service Opportunities Worldwide prepared by the YOSDesk UK for the youth of the UK

The Earth is but one Country and Mankind its Citizens]

The Earth is but one Country and Mankind its Citizens

The following are a selection of existing projects around the world. Many such projects are ongoing established projects, e.g. schools, which will always be in need of volunteers. Other projects may just be short term or temporary. Also bear in mind that we have email contacts in many other countries which may not be mentioned on this page but could be contacted if you have a specific interest in serving in a certain country. Please note that some of the following positions may be filled at present but are included nevertheless, as you may want to contemplate them for the future.

A very useful www site for folk contemplating T/Teaching or serving overseas is that of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office where you can select the country in question from a drop down list and see their advice. They also have a handy "personalisation" feature whereby you can ask them to keep you posted by e-mail re updates concerning selected countries.

Non-UK youth, please note: where possible we will do our best to help you make contacts with projects which interest you but we can not actually handle your enquiries administratively and would like to refer you to your own NSA which may well have a service advisory system in operation.

USA youth please visit the USA Bahá'í administrative website, which offers information about youth service procedures and other aspects of pioneering.

Canadian youth please contact your Youth Services.

New Zealand youth please contact the Bahai Secretariat.

Australian youth please contact the Australian Youth Desk or visit the youth site and follow appropriate links

Dutch youth interested in a youth year of service, please contact Lauren Averill

Other European youth interested in a youth year of service, please contact your own NSA who will put you in touch with a youth year of service co-ordinator in your country.

People looking for pioneering opportunities, please visit the UK Committee for International Pioneering & Travel Teaching - Page of pioneering opportunities world-wide

Contact YOSDesk for further information and/or fax/phone numbers and addresses for the following projects:

Dance projects:

Wildfire - Inspiring hearts - Igniting change

"I cherish the chance to change peoples lives; people come up to me after a performance all the time and express that its really made them think about their lives and re-evaluate their values. Wildfire has been best thing that has happened to me!"
Lydia Allies, Age 21, Great Britain

As a Baha'i Inspired Theatre (SED Project) based in Stratford, Ontario, Canada, the Wildfire Dance Theatre (WDT) casts young artists each year whose main goal is to serve humanity through the performing arts. We have Toured across North America and Europe with hopes to expanding our tour even more.

Due to an increase in applicants this year, Wildfire Management decided to establish 2 Casts for both Tour I & Tour II of 2003-2004.

After a long and difficult selection and casting process, we feel we have chosen the right kind of young aspiring artists to help improve the quality of our Theatre significantly! We are still urgently searching for the following;

  • Two Road Managers: Will be responsible for all on-tour communications and Sound/Light Management. Will gladly train you if need be, but you must enjoy this kind of work and long to serve Humanity in this manner.

    Four Male Performers: Men who love acting or singing or dancing and who long to serve Humanity in this manner. We will also train you! You just need to love this work!!

    " The chance to move people and have a profound impact on the audiences we perform for is what I love most. I have experienced life changing transformation while a cast member of Wildfire and for me I could never get that anywhere else."
    Bonnie Davis, Age 21 USA

    For 2003/2004 the dates are as follows:
    August 1 to September 30 , 2003
    Tour 1: October 1 to January 31, 2004
    Training: February 4 to March 20, 2004
    Tour 2: June 29 to July 3, 2004

    For an application form, please contact the YOSdesk


    CALLING ALL ENERGETIC BAHA'IS: Have you been thinking about doing a year of service but don't know where?? What about doing 10 MONTHS in Africa? How about SOUTH AFRICA, using the performing arts, interactive firesides, youth workshops, children's classes, institutes, community uplifting activities and media work with BEYOND WORDS?

    WHAT: BEYOND WORDS is aiming to ready South Africa's communities for entry by troops by RISING ABOVE WORDS and REACHING HEARTS. We (this means you!) will be focusing on fulfilling the goals of the FIVE YEAR PLAN through UNIFIED, SYSTEMATIC, PROFESSIONAL ACTION.

    WHEN: 18 July ('03) to 9 May ('04).

    WHERE: Tour through South Africa (it's a BIG country!)

    WHO: 18-35 yr olds, 10 in total, equal numbers of guys and girls!


    For an application form, please contact the YOSdesk

    Many projects and tasks, such as service at National Centre, House of Worship, teaching projects, external affairs, assisting the director of the Office for Education etc.

    Artworks is a Bahá'í Performance group which seamlessly merges the mediums of PAINT, DANCE, DRAMA, and MOVEMENT, in Exciting, Fast Paced, and Thought Provoking shows. Due to the originality of the concept and the Bahá'í spirit that drives it, Artworks has grown rapidly since its inception (1997) and has generated a lot of interest from the wider community.
    Next year Artworks will be hoping to seize all the opportunities presented by this concept. To do this though will require Youth with skills or abilities in the performing or visual arts to contribute a year of their lives to this project. You do not need to be at professional level just have a desire and commitment to teach and learn.
    The project will based in Perth, Western Australia, but will include extensive country, eastern States and international touring. Participants will be involved in the following, School shows, Theatre Productions, Workshops, Street Shows, Firesides, deepenings, and many other activities.


    Needed urgently: Short and long term Baha'i volunteers in wonderful and exciting San Ignacio, Cayo, BELIZE. There are many ways to serve here!
    We need:
    -Children's class teachers
    -Youth leaders
    -People to make regular and systematic visits to our many contacts
    -Baha'i teachers
    -Flexible Bahais willing to help with as many activities as possible.
    We also need help with our regular activities, with chores and coordination (including driving, errands, organizing groups to get things done like Baha'i Center cleaning, sign making, media tasks, etc. ) Do you fit any one of the above descriptions? Or are you willing to be trained? Your work will primarily consist of a combination of the above tasks. You may also work on a committee or become involved in some service, administrative, or logistical tasks such as copying, errands, driving, media. If you are artistic, you may prepare posters, Baha'i booth displays, flyers, etc. If you are musical, you may teach guitar and Baha'i songs. Whatever talent you have, you may be asked to share it with others. You may learn something new and help out the community with your new skills. Some volunteers will be trained as Ruhi tutors so they can carry out study circles. We train volunteers right here in Belize as children's class teachers, tutors, Baha'i teachers, and youth leaders. We also have training in activities, games, and arts and crafts which help to animate communities and help with training. We currently have more than 30 youth involved in our community activities. Most of the youth will be leaving in August or early September, but our intention is to have at least 4 new ones serving at the same time here in San Ignacio. We do have some local youth involved in the work also. Volunteers will live with a pioneer family. It will cost approximately $250. US per month (current amount subject to change). This includes food and housing, transportation for your Baha'i service, and a weekly minimal allowance for snacks, etc. This does not include spending money for clothes, personal travel, tours, special treats or snacks, or personal things like shampoo, film, special hair treatments, hairdresser, etc. I You get one day off per week for rest, swimming in pool or river, canoeing, touring Mayan Ruins, or whatever. Please join us for a beautiful and meaningful year-of- service!


    Occasionally, opportunities exist to work as a teacher's assistant at School of the Nations, Brasilia

    Youth wanted for service or travel teaching. Any trainers for dance workshops would be most welcome.


    Czech and Slovak Republics

    Project Badasht began in October, 1996 with 3 youth serving in one province; and now, one year later, it functions with 10 youth serving in 4 provinces of Ecuador. The vision of the project combines massive teaching through teaching campaigns, youth artistic workshops and permanent training both of the youth and the new Baha'is in local and national Institute courses. The year of service youth live in teams and stay in a rural community as pioneers, and dedicate themselves full-time to the development of this and one additional community. They are responsible for planning and executing a great variety of activities like children's classes, training courses, pre-youth groups, youth workshops, fireside meetings, 19-Day Feasts, LSA development as well as their activities for their own spiritual growth. Training is the key for the rural Baha'is to become aware of the urgency that they arise to transform their community. All of the volunteers in each area meet once every 2 weeks for a day of deepening, spiritualisation, evaluation, planning and fun with their peers and with the organizers. Even though the youth live in separate teams, they feel like one big team that works with a common vision. If you would like to participate in project Badasht, after being accepted by the National Teaching Committee, you can arrive on the most convenient date for you and participate in the project anywhere between three months and one year. All participants must attend the national Institute training course which begins in January and August followed by the two-week national teaching campaign of the youth workshops.

    Community of Naantali. To activate the youth of the community, help with the children's classes and take part in the projects of the community. Accommodation and food will be provided for by the community. One year service periods.

    France, Paris
    Baha'i International Community-Office of Public Information

    A Year of Service volunteer post is available at the Office of Public Information of the Bahá'í International Community in Paris. The candidate should preferably be bilingual (French/English), and a knowledge of other languages as well as familiarity with Macintosh computers would be beneficial. Citizenship of a European Union country would also be helpful in obtaining legal permissions. The position involves office administration and secretarial work, follow-up of different publications, notably the French edition of the magazine One Country, and participation in public relations projects, amongst other duties.
    National Spiritual Assembly of France
    Office work and service at the National Centre. English or French speaking
    The audio-visual department of the NSA of the Baha'is of France is looking
    for a person willing to offer a year of service. Location: French Alps, close to the Swiss and Italian borders.

    Requirements for the position: to have some basic knowledge in digital video editing and camera shooting. Knowledge of the French language would be greatly appreciated.
    Tasks to perform:
    * Editing in French of the Baha'i Newsreel produced by the Baha'i media services in Wilmette
    Original video production plus the routine tasks of duplicating audio and video cassettes for the national Baha'i communities and distribution services
    * Creation of sound and image archives to be able to provide footage quickly to the media asking
    for information about the Baha'i Faith

    Lodging and food is provided. The apartment is equipped with a kitchenette. You will need to have your personal health care and repatriation insurance.

    The Baha'i community of Bakau in the Gambia have been offering free computer classes to the public for the past 3 years. This involves teaching a basic course in English, how to operate computers, Windows etc. for people who have not had any access to computers. The courses are usually for a period of 3 to 4 months and approx. 60 students graduate each time (the graduation ceremony is always publicized in the newspapers and well as on National Television). The classes are conducted at our local centre which is a detached home with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large living and dining room which is used for classes, kitchen and a separate caretaker's room in the backyard. The bedrooms could be used by year of service volunteers. The classes are offered every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday leaving wednesdays and weekends free for village teaching, recreation or any other activity. The Gambia is a very small tropical country with one million population of which the great majority are Muslim. The Gambia is known in the sub region for being safe and very peaceful, having beautiful beaches which attract many Europeans each year, living expenses can range from US $ 30.00 / month living as typical Gambian family to US $ 1000.00 / month living an European lifestyle.


    Own accommodation arrangement with assistance NSA. Minimum 3 months. PC work ability. Good command of the German language.

    Anis Zunuzi Bahá'í School. Interested in English speaking volunteers who can offer basic computer skills as extra-curricular activity. Accommodation at the school, modest salary will cover daily living needs.

    Bayan Project: a rural hospital which acts like a spring board for the general social and economic development of the region. Bayan also holds regular teacher training workshops for rural students. All sorts of service can be given here but conditions are tough and you need to be able to fund your stay.
    The Tierra Santa Orphanagefor abandoned girls is desperate for volunteers who can help in general, educationally, technically (computer skills) and medically in looking after the girls' weight and diet and take them to the doctor. Carpenter for maintenance and repairs and ability to teach the girls basic skills would also be most useful. Another website also has information about Tierra Santa.
    Please note: only people with proficient ability in Spanish can apply.
    Farm for boys - help build pens, train organic farming skills. For those not afraid of hard work and a bit of discomfort.
    The "El Alba" Youth year-of-service/short-term pioneering program, now in its 8th year of operation and under the auspices of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Honduras, will have openings for up to four youth for the coming year August 15, 2002 - June 15, 2003.

    The "El Alba" program is based at the "El Alba" Bilingual Elementary and Secondary School, in Siguatepeque, a small town in the central highlands of Honduras. The program offers youth an opportunity to serve the Faith not only in Siguatepeque, but in surrounding villages. It offers also the opportunity for these youth to be totally self-sufficient in that they can obtain housing, board and a small salary by working part time (approximately 20 hours per week) as teachers' aides in bilingual classrooms in the "El Alba" Elementary School. It is not necessary that participants in this program know Spanish at the outset -though most year-of-service youth pick up a working knowledge of Spanish in a few short months.

    Baha'i activities include Ruhi study circles, visits to nearby villages for proclamation and deepening, children's classes, artistic programs, and a variety of other activities wherein youth short-term pioneers are making a real difference in the progress of the Faith in central Honduras.

    Bekescaba long-term teaching project Teaching in the region, visiting schools, strengthening the Local Spiritual Assembly, co-operate with non-Bahá'í organisations and teach minorities. minimum of 3 months, arts and music would be of great help, English, German, French, Slovak, Romanian and Hungarian are spoken or understood in this region. A car would be of great help but is not necessary.

    The Bahá'í Youth Workshop of Iceland is in dire need of an experienced Bahá'í Youth Workshop Member with developed artistic abilities. He/she should be able to put dances, plays and songs together for the teaching through the performing arts. The Workshop is relatively young and would therefore need a person that is ready and able to help us develop our infant workshop. The NSA of Iceland is ready to pay for a round-trip airfare. This position would include cleaning of the Bahá'í National Centre. Direct pay for cleaning is 13.000 (70.84=1USD), which may be regarded as an allowance. Those interested please send us a general personal information and curriculum vitae including Bahá'í activities.


    depending on the nature of service offered, min. one month to max. six months. teaching/conversant with Baha'i subjects and current affairs, teaching through any performing arts, arranging conferences, workshops etc., helping the Bahá'í youth in various activities of the youth movement in India etc. Hindi or English spoken. No restrictions provided the person is physically fit and willing to accept hardships, self-sufficiency is appreciated.

    Service at the Baha'i Centre in Dublin. Everyday office work, including typing, filing, photocopying, general clerical duties. It would be good to be able to use the computer, but not essential. It is also important to be able to work on one's initiative. Costs: USD 600 per month to include accommodation, food, travel and some spending money. Ideally no less than six months. Typing and taking initiative. It is good, but not essential, to be flexible, adaptable and have a sense of humour! Fluency in spoken and written English. Over 18 years of age. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with teaching projects at weekends, youth activities etc. The Baha'i Centre is a beautiful building situated in a very nice part of the city.

    Youth Year of Service volunteers wanted to support pioneers in Bitola (accommodation at the Baha'i Centre). Participate in the teaching work and help look after the children during meetings.

    Teaching activities forming the base for continuous teaching activities and firesides. A flat will be provided for an active, mature and enthusiastic youth; the region designated is in the south of the island.

    Language should be no problem. Friends with MUSIC and ART SKILLS MOST WELCOME. Living and travel are relatively cheap - 100 us dollars a week would be more than enough to live on comfortably. Weather Hot and sunny and the country side is unbelievably beautiful. For further information please contact the UK Committee for International Pioneering and Travel Teaching

    Conference Centre de Poort: variety of tasks, such as maintenance, janitorial, restaurant/kitchen and housekeeping. Accommodation at the centre.

    New Zealand
    There are 2 service opportunities vacant in New Zealand at the moment. We have one community in New Zealand, Whangarei that urgently needs a dedicated youth volunteer. Whangarei is a beautiful town in the north island, known for its sunny weather and fruit growing. This position requires a very mature, motivated youth who will be able to coordinate youth and pre-youth activities between different communities in our area, and someone who could work with the Local Spiritual Assembly. At the moment the region has three youth, eleven pre-youth and four younger children. It would be essential for the incoming youth to hold a current driving licence and if they were musical or played guitar that would be a real bonus for us. There is also seasonal work that the youth can be involved in such as fruit picking. There is also the Possibility of hosting two youth, who are perhaps friends. If you have such a youth looking to do a year of service we would welcome them with open arms, as they would really be an asset to our community and of great help.
    The New Zealand Audio Visual Unit An outstanding opportunity for someone to learn motion picture production. We want someone who wants to make a career in this field and has a burning desire to learn. They must be willing to sacrifice social and relaxation time to get the job done. We are broadcasting our "Baha'i on Air" programs every week and there is lots of work for that and lots of work for the AV unit. Sometimes we record and edit programs on weekends and nights. Volunteers must be able to drive a car and have computer skills They must be self-sufficient financially and need to provide their own transportation and living conditions. If they do not work out they must understand they must do their Year of Service in some other area. And of course teh volunteer must be a devoted Baha'i.

    Orkney is a group of Islands which make up part of the Northern Isles in the United Kingdom and has an active Baha'i Community of 20 which includes 2 youth. We welcome a self supporting volunteer who is able to assist us in reaching the Youth in Orkney. Opportunities for short term/part time work are available especially in the Summer. Accommodation is not provided.

    Papua New Guinea
    Volunteers needed to help with the work of the secretariat, teaching projects, socio-economic development projects, etc.

    Possibilities of helping with PR, general office work, travel teaching projects. Volunteers can support themselves by teaching English.

    Position - Dance workshop facilitator/co-ordinator
    Nature of Service - organizing dances and/or songs and/or drama and performances, deepening the participants, being a role-model. Your supervisor will be: the Institute co-ordinator. Remuneration - none. Duration - at least 6 months to 1 year. Skills - organizational, experience with arts and institutes, interpersonal skills, energetic, artistic skills. Languages - Polish, English Age Restrictions - min. 18 years old. Requirements - maturity in dealing with people and finances.
    Position - Office worker. Nature of Service - the office and archival work, maintaining the Nat. Centre. Your supervisor will be: the National Secretary. Remuneration - none. Duration - 3 months and longer. Skills - Office experience, well organized person. Languages - Polish, English. Age Restrictions - min. 18 years old. Requirements - maturity in dealing with people and finances.
    Position - Community builder
    . Nature of Service - building and consolidating the community life. Your supervisor will be: LSA or the NSA. Remuneration - none. Duration - at least 6 months. Skills - interpersonal, love for the Faith. Languages - Polish and/or English. Age Restrictions - min. 18 years old. Requirements - maturity in dealing with people
    Position - Carpenter for shelfing out the Centre. Nature of Service - building shelves and other furniture for the National Centre. Your supervisor will be: person authorised by the NSA. Remuneration - none. Duration - 6 weeks or longer. Skills - carpeting skills (and machines)
    Languages - Polish, English. Age Restrictions - min. 18 years old. Requirements - maturity in dealing with finances, exactness. Miscellaneous - could stay with a Bahá'í Contact.
    Bielsko Biala: Youth Year of Service volunteer needed in Bielsko; accommodation available. Help launch the World Citizenship Project in schools.

    Community development, direct teaching, assisting Local Spiritual Assemblies, children's classes, mass media, youth and women activities etc. Costs: USD 150-200 is the calculated average cost per month, please consider inflation. 6 months to one year or more. Resourceful and with organisational skills. Special abilities appreciated, e.g. music, public speaking, arts and drama etc. Languages spoken Romanian, English, French, German or Spanish. Over 18 years of age Financially self-supporting, young married couples would be strongly encouraged.

    Service positons at the Temple and in the wider community

    The National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Slovakia invites willing servants of the Cause to participate in the raising of a Local Spiritual Assembly in its historic first goal city of Presov. Inspired by the example of success through intensive teaching in other countries of this region, and eager to apply such a method to a promising area in Slovakia, the National Assembly is now organizing a teaching team. This team, of native Slovak believers and Bahá'ís from abroad, will in close consultation with the N.S.A., execute and adapt a special teaching plan. This plan focuses on finding way to welcome new believers into the Faith through individual teaching.
    The teaching team will function for many months, but those willing to serve for any period of service are most welcome to apply. Participants will take part in an intensive ongoing training program designed to assist them spiritually and practically.
    Youth (and others) who are investigating Year of Service possibilities may find this challenge especially intriguing. Some housing will be provided by the National Spiritual Assembly.
    Other basic living expenses come to less than USD 150 per person per month, and if necessary these expenses can be subsidized by the National Spiritual Assembly.
    Presov is a university town of approximately 100,000 located close to Poland. It has an especially close relationship with the many surrounding villages.

    Slovenia and Croatia
    Services in teaching, consolidation and administration. Urgent need for many travel teachers. Volunteer would require a minimum of 300-400 DEM per month.

    South Africa
    Dance teaching projects or other depending on individual strengths and abilities. Positions available in teaching at preschools, schools and universities, travel teaching, deepening, clerical work.

    Positions available in teaching at preschools and schools. Swaziland is in need of YOS volunteers. There is a Baha'i school where youth can help in running the classes. Each volunteer takes on a project, such as teaching art or tutoring in English, according to his/her abilities.
    Any year of service volunteers (especially science, math teachers and volunteers who could teach computer skills and help us get the school going) will be most welcome at Setsembiso Sebunye High School
    There is accommodation for the youth at the Baha'i Centre or if preferred in friends' houses.

    A major pioneering and youth year of service project has started in August 1999 in Lapland (the Northernmost parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland and part of Russia).
    *To join the team of Swedish youth travelling to different locations to teach in high schools and meeting media. Doing all kinds of teaching activities, basically! The youth will be hosted by Bahá'ís in the different communities, but one must preferably take care of one's travel expenses (it might be possible for some economical support). Youth with artistic skills are particularly welcome, as the project will include use of the arts. English or Danish or Swedish or Norwegian.

    The school is in great need for a youth on a year of service. This is just a wonderful place to serve with many different opportunities to serve the Faith. YOS volunteers are very much loved and appreciated and taken care of.

    Santitham Vidhayakhom School, Yasothon province (600 km from Bangkok): 400 student Bahá'í school in rural North East Thailand needs volunteers urgently to teach English to kindergarten, nursery and primary students, help with kindergarten and nursery classes, help with maintenance and building work, assist with village and external teaching projects. Youth with an interest or skills in art, music, drama, sports, child care, agriculture, or teaching English will play a significant role in the development of the school. Volunteers (preferably 6 -12 months) will have their accommodation supplied (with Thai family if possible), however apart from the midday school meal all other food and costs are the responsibility of the volunteer.
    Aside from work at the school, volunteers can assist in conducting Bahá'í children's classes and teaching and consolidation activities. Volunteers must be mature, patient, dedicated and self-supporting.

    Serve at the Ocean of Light School and stimulate youth activities 6 months - 1 year. English language spoken. You must be over 18 years of age, to have completed high school. Accommodation is next door to the kindergarten; the cost for food and accommodation is approx. USD 45 per week. Help with living expenses may be possible; the exact package is negotiated for each person.

    United Kingdom
    * Wales
    ECO AG volunteer wanted for rural training farm in Felin Gelli near Carmarthen, South Wales. EGO AG is a youth agricultural apprenticeship programme for people aged 18+ with an emphasis on sustainable agriculture. The Felin Gelli farm provides training for people with learning disabilities in agriculture and horticulture, working towards the goal of open employment by increasing their self confidence and independence.
    Volunteers will receive board and lodging and a £25 weekly stipend.


    Uzbekistan community is in a great need of pioneers and travel teachers. Pioneers - consolidation (particularly children classes) min for 1 year. Travel teachers - at least for 3 months( Please consult the UK Committee for International Pioneering and Travel Teaching even if you can only do a short time). For the friends who want to pioneer please be in touch with the NSA of Uzbekistan for arranging a visa and a job. Please take into consideration that living cost here is $100 a month per person and average salary is $20 a month so friends must be ready for that. Doctors, English language teachers, musical teachers have got more opportunities for jobs. In some cities many people can speak Tajik which is very close to PERSIAN. There appears to be no passport restrictions. Entry requirements for student visa - Passport, letter of administration. Tourist visa: can be obtained through a tourist company. Cost 70 US$ Period 4 week. Renewable: yes. Baha'i opportunities - Women's and Youth Activities, Dance Workshop etc

    Youth year of service participants have two major tasks in the teaching field: teaching and deepening. Teaching should be a part of every activity. The activities for raising up human resources vary from giving children's classes to studying or deepening with youth and adults and training them to give classes. Some year of service participants also serve as tutors for the National Institute. Children's classes are carried out in the communities visited by year of service volunteers, using children's class material that is studied during the training sessions designed by Venezuela's national institute. The main focus of the year of service volunteer's visits is not the giving of classes, but rather finding people from the community itself who wish to learn to give classes and then helping them to begin. Once the class begins, the volunteer's role then becomes one of supporting the person who is giving the class. Volunteers are also sometimes asked to help with the carrying out of pre-youth and youth camps organized by the National Institute. The collaboration they offer depends on their own capacities and talents, be these artistic or otherwise. Another activity that is carried out is the deepening of new believers, or of believers who are not very deepened in the Faith. Deepening material developed by the National Institute and which volunteers learn to use during the training is used for these deepening sessions. The deepening program consists of 22 lessons in which the believer and his/her family members and friends study the teachings of the Faith. The lessons studied include songs and theatre skits. Presently a program consisting of use of the arts in teaching is being developed. The objective of this course will be to encourage year of service volunteers to use their artistic talents for diverse teaching activities and to learn to use the arts as a valuable resource in teaching. Requirements: a desire to serve, experience in some service to the Faith, a high school diploma, or being 18 years of age or over. A letter of recommendation from the YOSDesk. Please request a tourist visa for at least 6 months.

    Banani International Secondary School
    . Strong Bahá'í background, ability to adapt to a different culture. Banani School is an English medium boarding school for teenage girls. Volunteers needed who have drama and musical talents, art talents, can teach Maths, French, Science and almost anything, besides being dorm parents. The school provides housing. The school is also seeking applications from qualified teachers of literature, history, and the sciences. Also the school is looking for a "dorm mother" with additional qualifications such as nursing or secretarial skills. Banani School is a Baha'i owned secondary school for girls using the Cambridge International Curriculum. It is set in the lovely rural district of Chisamba, Zambia, just one hour north of the capital city. It is a wonderful place for individuals or families to pioneer. For more information refer to The Baha'i World, Volume 1996-97, pages 221-226 and 297-300.

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