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Prejudice, Animosity, Anger, Hate --
Uncontrolled: EXPLODE, exacerbate
misconceptions and fears that s-e-p-a-r-a-t-e.

This is not how God meant us to be.
Our differences are a gift, you see
for Unity in Diversity.

We are flowers of one garden, leaves of one tree;.
we should be as many souls in one body.
So let's make a vow, here and now, you and me

to learn tolerance, to love and appreciate
all races and cultures before it's too late.

or the terrors of New York and Oklahoma City
will spread like a cancer by those with no pity
for the innocent young/old/homely/pretty--

indiscriminately cut down by hearts of stone
who want peace and prosperity for "their kind" alone.
They feel nothing for the sufferings of strangers unknown.

Only the elixer of the Physician Divine
can dissolve the hate so hearts may entwine
and see in each other heavenly sunshine.

Let's light the world not with human pyre;
but with the love of God create spiritual fire
to reach all hearts with God's desire.

Then our future will hold no poverty
as all will eat of the fruit of the Tree
of Love and Peace and Unity.

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