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Ideas bubbling up from hidden depths
Spacein the sea of the subconscious--
tickling the grey matter
Spacewith their effervescence,
short circuiting thoughts as they dive
Spaceindiscriminately from one cell to another--
an intellectual feeding frenzy;
Spacecerebral indigestion;
SpaceSpacedrowning in the deluge of my musings.

Insufficient time to complete one lap
Spacebefore swimming off into uncharted waters--
SpaceSpacecaught in an eddy of my reflections.

Is there a life jacket in my size--
Spacea Mae West to stablize me long enough
SpaceSpaceto calmly float words onto dry land--
SpaceSpaceSpacethe paper shore--
SpaceSpaceSpaceSpacebefore they sink under the force
SpaceSpaceSpaceSpaceSpaceof the next wave...

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