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(Leading up to the 21st Century)

The Four Year Plan, is upon us Dear Friends,
To Focus our Efforts with that Celestial Lens,
The Call from the House, is so very clear,
To abandon all worries, to let go of our fear.

The Twentieth Century is all but spent,
Now's the time; Raise High His Tent;
To get up! To Move, To Collect all the Fruits!
To go out! To Teach! To Call in the Troops!

Call on our Martyrs, as we have been told,
Call on the Martyrs, their hands to take hold;
They'll guide our steps to those with hearts true,
And Lead us on to Victories New.

Victory after Victory will assuredly by Ours,
If we arise during these last few hours,
The Ark must be finished, this we all know,
For the Suffering of mankind, continues to Grow.

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