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O My friend, listen with heart and soul to the songs of the spirit, and treasure them as thine own eyes. For the heavenly wisdoms, like the clouds of spring, will not rain down on the earth of men's hearts forever; and though the grace of the All-Bounteous One is never stilled and never ceasing, yet to each time and era a portion is allotted and a bounty set apart, this in a given measure.


The 'poverty' referred to in the title of this valley, is being poor in the things of this world and rich in the things of God's world. Time here is of the essence. If you have followed the journey properly, you will have realised that the only freedom is freedom from self. Self is the prison that confines absolutely, whereas prisons of stone, by comparison are contingent.

The Beloved shineth on gate and wall Without a veil, O men of vision.
- Faridu'd-Din 'Attar

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