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And the island,
SpaceAnd the Island,
SpaceSpaceAnd the island.

We met in Ponape, a collective child of God's
SpaceSpaceSpaceSpaceSpacejust three years old.
SpaceLearning, understanding, growing--
Spaceseeking help and guidance
SpaceSpaceSpaceSpaceSpacejust three years old.

We came from the East and Western Carolinas,
The Marshall and the Mariana islands,
Spaceabove and on the sea:

And the sea.
SpaceAnd the sea,
SpaceSpaceAnd the sea.

Secure in the knowledge the a Plan
For our five year future would
Spaceguide us, protect us,
Spaceand make us brilliant stars.

And the refuge,
SpaceAnd the refuge,
SpaceAnd the refuge.

On Saturday night
Spacethe children of Ponape met with us--
SpaceSpaceand the youth and the trusting--
Spaceand the children of Ponape met with us,
SpaceSpaceto learn with us,
SpaceSpaceto love with us,
SpaceSpaceSpaceand we gave our heart.

And the heart,
SpaceAnd the heart,
SpaceSpaceAnd the heart.

A sheet was placed over the entrance of the Nahs
Spaceto serve as a screen
Spacewhere the mention of God could be made.

And the house,
SpaceAnd the house,
SpaceSpaceAnd the house.

Some of us sat outside of the Nahs,
Those who spoke cast a shadow on the screen,
Spaceand we could only see their shadow.
The words they spoke were heard quite well,
Spacebut we could only see their shadow.

And the place,
SpaceAnd the place,
SpaceSpaceAnd the place.

And all words are in the books,
Spaceand we hear quite well.
And His shadow embraces all,
Spaceembraces the collective child of God's
SpaceSpaceSpaceSpaceSpaceJust three years old.

"Blessed is the spot...where mention of God has been made,
Spaceand His praise, Glorified."

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