Back Steve Day - I Want my Child Next

The outstretched hand trembled, white and urgent.
"I want my child", she said.
"I am every father and every mother who has known loss,
My want is a red hot metal burning the innermost centre of
an aching heart.

I will not sleep, I will not breath,
I will not cease from endless grief.

My voice is the voice of mother's love and understanding,
My heart is the heart of father's truth and compassion.

At night my soul within me pours out rivers of sweet water
and tender tears - alas I can bear the sorrow of our separa-
tion no longer - I have come to speak with you, I am over

My journey has ended and this I must do
I want my child and my child is you.

The outstretched hand trembled, white and urgent.

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